Remote Control Warfare

With the expansion of technology, warfare has changed drastically. The new age of war has started with the entry of drone strikes. Although drones have been around for a few decades, we are seeing the usage of attacks increase. The technological age we live in make it possible for someone sitting in Nevada to fly a plane and blow up a building with almost pinpoint accuracy. However, this person cannot control who this kills in the surrounding area. That is where the problem lies.

I 100% agree with Mr. Rohde that drones are a great idea but they are entirely over used. Obama argues the footprint left behind is greatly reduced than having military in foreign lands. This is incorrect. The collateral damage from these attacks are creating a new breed of hate because the citizens of these countries are furious with the constant monitoring by drones. I have to say I do not blame them.

What I do not understand is how the media does not cover the usage of drones more than they do. I agree with the statement made in the beginning of the video that if this was a Republican President, the media would be all over this. He/she would be viewed as war hungry, iron fisted, etc. Yet Obama seems to be getting a pass. The idea around drones is terrific. No U.S. solider’s life is on the line while operating the drone sounds great for a politician.

Within the next 5-7 years I believe we will see a world wide arms race. This race will not be for nuclear bombs but a race for remote control planes.


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