Inside Look At Anonymous

Anonymous not only has strength by numbers but strength by secrecy. The secrecy is the key characteristic of Anonymous that makes the group so dangerous and scary. Not only is the group stealthy, they are very good at what they do. The outed member even states “I am Anonymous if I chose to be, You are Anonymous if you chose to be.” They learn, they adapt, and they do not have a direct target. Anybody and everybody “who needs to be taught a lesson” can and, pending on the size of the target, will be targeted.

Anonymous is the toughest “enemy” for law enforcement to tackle. The lack of leadership and centralized infrastructure, along with their preexisting battlefield, the Internet, make “members” all but impossible to identify or track down.

The video even notes how different this type of crime is from others. Bank robbers have alarms going off, loud noises, and bullets fried at them. Hackers, well hackers can operate from the comforts of their home, in their pajamas, while drinking coffee. With a few quick keystrokes a hacker can bring down a multimillion corporation.

What I found interesting is the recruitment of underground hackers at conventions. This is something I believe should be done more often but this should also require the strictest screenings when hiring. The flipping of a hacker has the potential for a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde combination. You may find the brightest minds to help with the fight against cyber-terror, then again you may hire an Anonymous or even foreign operative.

I firmly believe the next wave of world wide and U.S. domestic terrorism will be in the form of cyber-terrorism. We have already seen some form of this with the recent Russian-Syrian conflict. Hacking has the potential to cause mass havoc across whatever area is attacked. Dr. Steven Bouchey states in the video he had an analyst explain the idea of this is no longer fictional. The idea a terrorist can disable electricity for the entire east coast from a coffee shop in China is becoming an extremely frightening reality. The chaos this could create is unsettling.


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